Helicopter Training Student of the Month: Roman Kleinsasser

Helicopter Training Student of the Month: Roman Kleinsasser

Congratulations to our Helicopter Training Student of the Month for May, Roman Kleinsasser! Get to know Roman and hear about his journey through helicopter training here at Mauna Loa.

Helicopter Training Student of the Month: Roman KleinsasserAge?

Current ratings?

Where are you from?

What is your favorite to fly?
I really enjoy valley flights, they are always incredibly beautiful and exciting but also offer some challenges.

Where do you hope your training will take you?
I started training with the goal to fly EMS or utility work back at home in the Alps one day. Still having this dream, the idea of using chances to fly different jobs in different places and stay abroad for a little longer grew throughout my training. Tour jobs especially grabbed my attention – they are usually offered in all the incredible places!

What has been your favorite experience while flying with MLH?
One great experience was a ferry flight from Kona to Kauai with a fuel stop in Honolulu. Hopping from island to island seeing each one in all their variety, and the approach into this huge airport in Honolulu.

Helicopter Training Student of the Month: Roman Kleinsasser
How did you pick MLH?
For me as a foreign student the chance to get a F1 visa was a big consideration while choosing a flight school. Besides that, I liked MLH’s location in a beautiful, challenging and diversified environment which Hawaii has to offer.

Another big factor that made me to choose MLH and not any other school is how I was treated when I first got in touch with the school. I had a lot of questions, and I’m really thankful for all the helpfulness and patience that I received through several email exchanges and phone calls before I finally arrived here.

What’s your favorite thing about flying in Hawaii/MLH?
Hawaii’s nature will surprise you with something new every time you fly.

I also appreciate the friendly and personal atmosphere which makes it significantly easier to live several thousand miles away from home. Staff and students are a fun mix of people from all over the world who share one passion, helicopters.

Helicopter Training Student of the Month: Roman Kleinsasser

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