Rookie Rotorheads Interviews Chief Pilot, Noah Haydn-Myer

Rookie Rotorheads Interviews Noah Haydn-Myer

You may have seen our previous helicopter training blog post featuring an interview with President of Mauna Loa Helicopters, Ben Fouts, on the podcast Rookie Rotorheads. In each episode, Rookie Rotorheads host Jason Rust, interviews veteran pilots, flight schools, and companies with the experience and insight to help rookie pilots get off the ground. This is a great way for new pilots to learn about various helicopter training options and career paths available to them.
On the latest episode, Jason interviews Noah Haydn-Myer, Mauna Loa’s Chief Pilot. They discussed his introduction to helicopters, dreams of fighting fires, and how his training has led him to where he is today.
Noah also shared the best piece of advice that he would like to pass on:


“You’re responsible for yourself. In flight training, and the type of pilot that you are in the industry will be completely dependent on how much effort you put into it. I can’t stress that enough for individuals who are just getting into the industry and going through flight school. Really take the reins, work with your instructor, and be very aware of what’s going on with your training. Be involved, be educated. As you go up into your career, continue to stay educated. Stay in the books, and attend as many safety courses and training courses as you can.”

– Noah Haydn-Myer, Chief Pilot at Mauna Loa Helicopters

Listen to the full interview below and be sure to check out the Rookie Rotorheads website. And in case you missed it, check out the Rookie Rotorheads interview with President and Owner of Mauna Loa Helicopters here.