Helicopter over Hawaiian Coastline

Rookie Rotorheads Interviews Flight School President, Ben Fouts

Rookie Rotorheads Interviews Ben FoutsRookie Rotorheads is a podcast for rookie and student helicopter pilots looking to learn as much as they can about various flight school options and career paths available to them. In each episode, Jason Rust, an aviation enthusiast and helicopter pilot in training, interviews veteran pilots, flight schools, and companies with the experience and insight to help rookie pilots get off the ground.

This past fall, Jason interviewed Owner and President of Mauna Loa, Ben Fouts. They discussed why Hawaii is such a desirable place for helicopter training, the value of accreditation, various amenities for students such as housing and financing, and what it truly takes for student pilots to make it in the industry after flight school.

Ben also gave some fantastic advice for pilots just starting out and and looking to land that first job.

I think what separates [people] is ultimately persistence and determination. You can tell when a student comes in and this is his passion. When he’s spending extra time with the books, or if he’s spending extra time volunteering with maintenance learning something, you know they’re going to be successful. Even if I don’t hire them, you know they’re going to be successful because they’re going to be the one that will walk over to another airport and knock on the door and say, “Hey, can I sweep the hangar? I’d just like to help and my goal is to become a helicopter pilot – what can I learn from you?” That guy is going places.

– Ben Fouts, President and Owner of Mauna Loa Helicopters

Listen to the full interview below and be sure to check out the Rookie Rotorheads website. You can also access each episode of the podcast in iTunes. Stay tuned for another episode with Mauna Loa’s very own Noah Haydn-Myer!