Aaron Oberlander

A Mauna Loa Success Story

Who is your current employer?
TEMSCO Helicopters

What kind of helicopters do you fly?
AS 350

What do you find unique, challenging, or fulfilling about your job?
A really smooth set down every time is really tricky in an AS 350. Flying in AK is like nowhere else, you need to really be on your toes, for it is an unforgiving environment with wind, snow, huge mountains, and bears!

Was there anything in particular that you learned at MLH that made you especially ready for a situation you have encountered since attending?
Yes, Mauna Loa helped me achieve my goals any way they could. I also think that flying around the 20 knot winds and the 4,000’ peaks was invaluable experience for flying in Alaska.

What did you like best about the company?
I enjoyed learning from, and working with a group of really good people. Flying around Hawaii was really cool as well.

Would you recommend Mauna Loa to others?

Any other comments?
Work hard and play hard, never give up your dreams.

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