Helicopter Pilot Training

We are proud to be one of the United States’ top helicopter pilot training schools, with two island locations graduating scores of professional pilots now employed in the industry. The key to our success is the success enjoyed by our graduate instructors in finding good paying jobs even in difficult economic times. From Alaska to the Gulf, from Saudi Arabia to India, Mauna Loa helicopter pilot graduates are involved in challenging and rewarding pilot careers.

Since 1992, Mauna Loa Helicopters has been on a quest to provide the finest flight training environment available. We’ve worked hard, upgraded our equipment and aircraft, went through a long and comprehensive accreditation process, and slowly improved over the years, constantly seeking ways to make the helicopter pilot training process more efficient and effective. Now our graduates enter the job market enjoying the confidence and industry respect of having trained at a school with a top-notch reputation.

A Family Environment

Mauna Loa Helicopters is known for its courteous and accommodating nature. Just ask any of our successful graduates. They’ll be the first to tell you how our supportive infrastructure and can-do attitude made a true difference in their flight training. We go the extra step to make sure that you can focus on your flight training with as few distractions as possible.

As always, feel free to call or e-mail us with any questions you may have. You’ll discover that at the end of the day, Mauna Loa Helicopters stands head and shoulders above the rest.

“If you are looking for a real adventure and high end flight training – then Mauna Loa Helicopters is the place to go.”Claus Richter - London, England