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Mauna Loa graduate, Shelley Sailor

Testimonial - Shelley Sailor

“I fell in love with vertical flight in 2001 on my first helicopter ride in Valdez, Alaska. It took me three patient years to obtain financing, and over that lengthy period Mauna Loa Helicopters owner Ben Fouts corresponded with me, encouraging me along the way.

When I finally arrived, they dusted off my file and welcomed me in to the family. I am proud that I have completed my training here, because from what I have witnessed MLH maintains pretty high standards for knowledge and flight skills.”

~Shelley Sailor
Wyoming, U.S.A.

A Word About Pricing

Helicopter schools generally quote training prices based on the MINIMUM number of hours required by the FAA. It is possible to complete the various courses within the minimums; however, most people require more flight hours to complete their training. When comparing prices for a professional program it is important to remember that the FAA requires anyone who teaches in Robinson Helicopters to have completed 200 hours of flight time. This is why our Professional Pilot Program is written for 200 hours.

Operational costs for the Robinson Helicopters are fairly standard across the country. Mauna Loa’s pricing is equal to or less than most reputable flight schools. You may find a lower hourly rate quoted elsewhere, but often these rates do not include fuel or instructor or have hidden surcharges.

You will not find any hidden fees at a Mauna Loa Helicopters training school. Our goal is to give honest pricing based on what the average student requires so that our students may budget appropriately. All rates include fuel and applicable instructor. Click the PDF’s below for our current prices.

Current Hourly Rates


Private Professional Pilot Program (option 1) – This option is utilizes the R22 instrument trainer to keep the costs to a minimum.

Professional Pilot Program (option 2) – Recommended. This option includes 25 hours in the R44 to give you the required time to teach in this helicopter. It also includes the External Load Training Course and the Night Vision Goggle Course.

Professional Pilot Program (option 3) – This breakdown will show you the FAA minimums to help you compare to other schools Private, Instrument, and Commercial – An excellent choice for select international students.  

Private, Instrument, and Commercial – An excellent choice for select international students. 

If you have previous helicopter training and experience, call us for an individual estimate. Our training is individualized and we can provide you with an exclusive quote based on the experience you already have. 

Student Accounts

Students enrolled in MLH may pay as they train, or place money on a prepayment account which will be deducted as they are billed for training received. All payment accounts are tracked through, a secure online program accessible with any internet connection. This allows students’ access to their accounts at any time. Payment methods accepted are credit card (Visa, MC or Discover) cash, check, money order, or travelers check. Note: Applicants who have not visited the school prior to enrollment will have the opportunity to withdraw without penalty within three business days following either the regularly scheduled orientation procedures or following a tour of the school facilities and inspection of equipment where training and services are provided.  

Payment Options

We do not require payment in full prior to your training. There is a $150 non-refundable application fee due prior to the start of your training. This fee secures the agreed start date for your flight training at MLH and also covers some of your student expenses such as computer use, internet use, and copying at the school. ALL CHARGES ARE SUBJECT TO 4.167% TAX IN HAWAII OR 4.712% IN OAHU. You can pay as you go or set up an account with us.  

Robinson Safety Course

The Robinson Pilot Safety Course is a 3-1/2 day course, which includes 2-1/2 days of classroom instruction and 1 day devoted to maintenance, pre-flight inspections, and flying with an experienced RHC pilot in the R22 or R44. The course is held at Robinson Helicopter Company headquarters in Torrance California. This course is not a requirement for graduation. This course is required by insurance for employment at MLH. Other companies and schools that fly Robinson Helicopters may also require this course prior to employment. For these reasons many students choose to attend the course during or just after their training. Cost for the course is $400, payable to Robinson and subject to change.  

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One of our fleet of Robinson R44 Helicopters sits in a field amid Hawaii wilderness.